Web Development

Our ecommerce sites all come with hosting and support so you can be confident that you have the back up to run an efficient and profitable online store. We even give customers who order our more advanced packages a FREE training session on the use of the admin features.

For those requiring a more advanced solution our full ecommerce package supplies a complete system allowing you to run your store via one user friendly admin access.

If you require a simple site just selling a few products we can integrate any of the leading shopping cart and payment systems into your website at a surprisingly low cost.

Structured, tested and valid code to bring
your project to life.

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E-Commerce Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Blog Development

What is a Merchant Account?

  • A merchant account is a special "commercial" account which will enable your business to accept major credit card transactions.

There are four major elements typically found on an eCommerce website:

  • Shopping Cart : Basically exactly the same as your shopping cart used in retail stores such as Pick 'n Pay. It lists all products and quantities of each that are in your shopping cart. More advanced shopping carts will include product colours or sizes.
  • Secure Server Connection (SSL Certificate) (optional) : A secure server connection or SSL certificate encrypts data sent between your browser and the server. Thus, eliminating the risk of theft. Should your website however make use of a 3rd party payment gateway such as CCAvenue, EBS, Paypal, there is no need for a SSL certificate. This is because any "secure" data such as your credit cards details etc are processed directly on the 3rd party vendors website. Therefore eliminiting the need to secure your own website with a SSL certificate.
  • Merchant Bank Account (optional) : You will need an internet merchant account before you can accept payment via credit cards on your website, with the exception of PayPal.
  • Payment Transaction Software (Payment Gateway) : In order for your website to actually "process" a deduction from a credit card, you will need transaction software.

Scope of Business : We make each and every design unique and there will always be a design flavour, which will make the visitor understand the scope of business from the first sight.